Friday, March 1, 2013

AdoptionBug shirts!

40% of all sales goes toward OUR adoption! the rest go toward orphans ! shirts are cute and they help!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Difficult Blessings

This year has started out difficult in many respects, with a multitude of medical bills shuffling in, my wife working part time while dealing with a lot of unknowns regarding her health. On the other hand God has really blessed us through my place of employment. Lets just say they are very generous towards employees they feel put in a strong effort towards their work, which seems to be a rare thing these days. In a world where so many seem to find nothing but drudgery in their line of work or simply can't find any work to do, I am not only blessed by having a job, but one that I very much enjoy and benefit from. It is quite true in my experience that our creator will provide what we need, no matter how difficult the situation. Despite the setbacks from medical bills and continuing health issues, we can hopefully get back to saving for the adoption once they are paid off, which will be sooner now than it would have been otherwise. ~Addison

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bump in the Road-im sure there will be Many

Well today I went to the bank to start a savings account for our future little one. I decided to go ahead and ask about home equity line of credit, because we were going to use that to help pay for the adoption. Turns out we do not have much equity line of credit because we have only been in our house for about 1.5 years. And the money we put down on the house does not count toward the equity line of credit. Boo. If that was the case and I knew that now , I wouldn't of put so much down on this house. But this is life and we do not know the future; and this is where we stand. We will not sign up for a personal loan or adoption loan because the interest rates are worse than credit cards! so. Bump in the road. . . .I have to raise the money myself; But we will NOT EVER GIVE UP. I will work extra, I will save every penny I own until I can bring another baby in need into my house- God will make a way, and I will trust in him. I just find it funny, adoption loans have huge interest rates, yet someone can easily get a 25,000 loan for a car. But thats ok... like I said God will make a way , Nora never gave up, eaither will I. Thank you again for your love and encouragement as we need it each and every day as we journey through this process. & on a good note, we have the money from taxes to replace the door we need to replace :-) which means now all we need do is get the money for the homestudy and start that process! Thanks again , and much love to you and yours Tiffany
above is a paypal donation button if you want to give anything at all, it goes now straight to the adoption savings account, and agian never feel obligated, we Thank God that your even reading this.....and above all we need our prayer warriers <3 thank you

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's starting to feel real

I know the journey is long. Not only the raising money part is long, but the waiting is probably long as well. But its all starting to become real. VERY soon we will be opening up a special bank account just for our future child. Every single dime, penny, and dollor saved/donated/fundraisered (is that a word?) will go into that account. The journey is extremely exciting, even though its hard work and it means cutting the budget, its exciting. It is exciting to know that we KNOW in Gods timing he will bring forth a child that needs us, and we will become their mom and dad. So in the mean time this is where we stand. Opening a savings account for baby. Just doing that makes it very surreal. And I will tell you the truth that nothing feels more right, than this journey. Everything just feels RIGHT about it. I know it will pay off in the end, and again we thank you for your support, love , donations, prayers. Always remember we NEED our prayer warriors out there! In other notes with baby Nora- we just hung up her little hat in a frame in our spare bedroom and also we hung the "Nora's light" picture in our kitchen (for those who had not known a few people donated their money to have a star named in honor of our baby girl) It is very special to us. God will always turn something bad into something truly amazing if you let him. "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10 (NIV) Again we ask for your encouragement, thoughts, donations if you can, and most importantly PRAYERs Thank you

Friday, January 25, 2013

Gratitude For All

I would  like to start out by saying thank you to all who have donated your time, prayers and money to our cause for adoption. Its certainly a tough start with Tiffany's continuing health issues with POTS, working part time and the endless medical bills from all of the hospital stays and ER visits which keep rolling in like the national debt :-) . But we have started at the very least, in due time and however many months it takes, we will eventually arrive at the point of no return if we continue to perservere in a way I feel God wants us to. I thank you again for your prayers specifically, which to me are of the utmost of importance. For with God, all things are possible.

Prayer is an interesting concept these days, many consider it a trite thing of the past, for the simple minded and unscientific types. The idea that some distant or altogeather non-existant God might decide to listen to a infantesimally small person making an even infantesimally smaller request in the vastness of a universe that to our knowledge has no end. Yet people still do it, some times even those who question his existance or dismiss it often turn to prayer when they are on their knees in desparation. They pray to somebody, anybody, a cry for help shouted out to the magnificent, yet equally cold universe.

It has been my observation that our soul, the core being of who we are, longs for a connection with something that is greater and beyond ourselves, something beyond anything this world and this universe are even capable of offering. We often try to fill it with substitutes such as the love of a spouse or the persuit of some grand dream, always to no avail.

That longing is for the soul to be united from whence it came. Prayer is just one facility by which we can find that unity we so desparately long for, and it can help facilitate in the adoption process. It is a petition for help, help with something that is beyond the realm of plausible for us, beyond our understanding and ability, perhaps even comprehention. I find that prayer in concert with a working relationship with our creator provides very real answers, answers to many things in our lives, that we may not understand now, but again are blessed that God so far has driven us THIS far. Many times these answers are not always what we expect,or even understand, but they are answers. If we know what to look for and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, God will provide the means in due time.

I do not know what the future holds in exacting details of the whens and whoms or whats, but I have ideas and notions about what it might hold. As it unfolds those ideas may become realities that I and my wife experience and interact with.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The First meeting

We had our first meeting today. It went pretty good and we got a lot of information we were looking for . Which was 1. WHERE TO START. Because really we had no idea. We have decided and we are confirmed that we are using the agency called Building Blocks Adoption Services. ( ) if your curious to look at the link. The lady was very nice and was able to explain everything. From what is our best route of adoption to the costs to the break down; and  I found out the agency takes care of everything including the social worker, attorney, notorization, homestudy, exe. Which is great!

After talking with her we have confirmed the best route is Domestic Adoption. Many people have asked me why we arn't going to "Foster to adopt" because its cheaper. We were wondering that too but after talking with the lady we have decided that being a first time parent, fostoring to adopt is not in our best interest when we have never raised a child. Fostoring, is emotionally demanding on ways that you only imagine, though we are not taking that out of consideration for maybe a 2nd adoption wayyyy down the line :-)  . The domestic adoption will be from a birth mom - it could be a mom that is currently pregnant , or a mom who had her baby already and has decided that for some reason whatsoever she cannot raise the child or feels she cannot and wants to go the adoption route, meaning we can with domestic adoption have a baby from newborn - right from Moms womb to usually up to a year old.

the first step. Homestudy. which is about 1,600 to check our well lives. Our homes, our health, back ground check, even our animal vaccinations! so you can see how in depth that is :-) . that takes about 2-4 months to complete . Once we are approved in that arena, then we are considered "Adoptive Parents" which means we are able to adopt YAY. so thats big step number 1. We THINK God willingly , we will be able to the home study this coming spring; though theres  a few things we want to do to the house prior to the homestudy which we are getting on the ball about now .

After the homestudy we found out that we can make our cool little profile that has pictures and our story that birth moms can look at , as well as attend the special adoption classes that are required (but very understanding) and do some other legal things in the meantime BUT until we have a good chuck of money ready ( they said appx atleast 25,000) that to not make our adoption profile public to the birth mom eye. because once were matched it goes quick... like 1 week quick!

so step 1. Homestudy
    step 2. continue to raise money which means also at this point I can look into adoption grants and loans :-)
     step 3. make profile
     step 4. classes
     step 5. once money made have agency publish our profile - thats the real exciting part. becase we found out that our profile is sent EvERYwhere, throughout the whole entire country for those to see that are seeking adoption! too cool.
    step 7. wait. . . wait for Gods perfect timing.

BUT in the end the homestudy, our first step is HUGE because thats when we can be declared Adoptive parents and have at it :-) . But this also means we can apply for adoption loans, adoption grants, and do more professional fundraising possibly .  you cannot apply for any adoption grants/loans UNLESS your homestudy approved - so thats where we are going to go right now.
And I thank each and every one of you for following my blog and supporting me even just by reading and prayers! It means so much to me that we are being backed up by so many people..

Below is our first fundraiser- out of just a few we have in mind my friend helped me out and she knows who she is so thank you!

  Do you like Tupperware? Because I have a lovely friend that is helping me out. I have a Tupperware fundraising program going on till the end of the 2nd week of February, so IF you like tupperware and see an item and buy it, 40% of all the money from what you buy goes to our adoption! of course you have to like tupperware , I have a few items , as some of you know because I have hosted a party before! Here is the link ;

Order Tupperware :-)    when you click the link see the right side of the screen - and click the link that says "shop this fundraiser" thatll lead you to my fundraiser catolog! Many items are under 20$  

ANyway no matter what the case from the above thank you for the continued prayers, we need them! this is a long process,  Thanks for your prayers and support God is truly working his way thru this, we are so glad to have started the process. we will continue to update- with many things along with the awesome housing projects were doing prior to the homestudy LOL - so FUN - for the hubby ;-)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Noras Adoption Blessing

Nora’s Adoption Blessing

November 23rd, 2012 is a day I will remember for all time. That is the birthday of Nora Renee, my first born. She came out with one single loud cry to announce her arrival; it was also the only opportunity she would ever have to make any utterance from the vocal cords God had given her. Her life was short being only 7 days; it was filled with desperate struggles, moments of hope followed ultimately by her death.

A great king of this earth once said “I shall go to him, but alas he will not come to me”.  The stark reality of what was said so many years ago rings in my ears as if there were bells in them. The experiences with her are seared into my core like a branding burned into the hides of unwitting cattle. This mixture of sorry and joy I now carry with me has also opened my eyes to something new.

54,559,615 is the current abortion total since Roe Vs. Wade in 1973. That is the number of children who unwanted by their parents, or parents who were very scared and didnt know what to do so then they were very literally dismembered before they ever saw the light of day. There are an estimated 1.5 million homeless children currently just within the United States, some with parents that were killed in accidents and others with parents who just couldn't afford, and others that didn't know what else to do, because they just wern't ready. We respect that and thank you.... thank you for not aborting.

What now shall we do with our freedom of responsibility, having lost our daughter? What has God given us through her parting from this world? I believe that the next chapter in the book of life for Tiffany and I is one that gives the unconditional love bestowed upon us by God that was once intended for Nora to another that is not our own. We will give them a home, instruction in the ways of life, guidance, patience, forgiveness and the greatest gift of all, unconditional love infused with grace. What they will one day choose to do with their knowledge, power and free will, be it salvation or damnation, forgiveness or hatred, wisdom or ignorance, will ultimately be up to them. They will however have the benefit of making those choices with the collective knowledge and experience of two people who love them and a relationship with the architect of their very soul.

Perhaps we can influence the life of one person so that they have a fighting chance go out into all the world and change the lives of many, perhaps this is one way in which we can bring forth the kingdom of God in a real and meaningful way. Christ has a heart for children and so shall we.
Even with our full resolve and effort, it is not enough to make this happen on our own with the present state of things. We need help to make this a reality just as humanity needs the grace of God to live each and every day. He has give his people many gifts, if it is prayer then pray for us, if it is wealth then give freely and if it is time then offer it when there is need. It is not us that will benefit from these things for we have enough for ourselves, but rather the child God chooses to bless us with

This is a very difficult road to travel with initial costs ranging from $20,000 to 40,000 for just a single adoption. There is a lengthy process of home studies and evaluations. Then finally the time of just waiting and hoping.

All this must happen before we can even start to care for another. We are more than willing to accept any help you can offer in whatever form you can offer it. If it IS donation please use the link below, We promise all money given will go directly to the adoption , and the link is via paypal and extremely safe.

------as for our journey it started with Nora,- and her life... the rest of the journey starts here.

We will be meeting with an agency called Building Blocks Adoption Services, for our First informational in what steps we need to take. They have been in contact with us for a while and are a wonderful Christian Based adoption agency and we cannot wait to get started with them!

Also , every $5.00 given to us for the adoption process  ;we will put a puzzle piece together. this puzzle will first make up a puzzle that will hang in our adopted babies bedroom once completed. The first puzzle created will be a 1000 piece puzzle of a picture of Nora (the first picture in this blog you see of her) .

We hope you follow us in this journey. We will update on our journey as we head forth. With our thoughts , our progress, and of course updated pictures of Nora's puzzle :-) .

Our one last thought is this - please pray for us. If you can do ANYTHING at all the best you can do is send your prayers, we know God is with us  , and we will journey through this together. He will provide all our needs, and our future childs needs! Thank you for stepping into this journey with us.

Much Love
 Addison and Tiffany